Whiplash A film that hits so close to home in so many different aspects its surreal, whether its strict teachers, connecting with family, relationships or the drive for success. Whiplash follows the story of young and ambitious student drummer Andrew Neiman. His character played by Miles Teller, is following his dream to become one of the greatest jazz... Continue Reading →


Kong: Skull Island In-Depth Review Kong: Skull Island is the latest iteration of the King King story, undertaken with a new look at Kong and new characters with new motives. Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kings of Summer) directed this epic; which hosts a very strong cast that includes Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L Jackson... Continue Reading →

A Cure for Wellness In Depth Review Gore Verbinski's 'A Cure for Wellness' follows Dane DeHaan as a relatively shallow Lockhart to the Swiss alps to retrieve his company's CEO and return to New York, oops guess who isn't getting home so easily, mystery and frustration ensues. I'd be lying if I said I didn't... Continue Reading →

HER An In-Depth Review Firstly, this film, all in all, is one of my (now) favourite science fiction films. Spike Jonze starts "Her" with an extreme close-up of Joaquin Phoenix's character expressing almost too-real emotions whilst versing a letter to someone he has not previously met, letting you know that this is the man to... Continue Reading →

Sicario The first scene of sicario, following a small intro translating sicario as 'hitman' is a haunting and confronting one, different setting, style and colours aside you can immediately tell Denis villenueve has left his mark here and this scene sets the tone and feeling expertly for the rest of the film. Although all around... Continue Reading →

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