An In-Depth Review

Firstly, this film, all in all, is one of my (now) favourite science fiction films.

Spike Jonze starts “Her” with an extreme close-up of Joaquin Phoenix’s character expressing almost too-real emotions whilst versing a letter to someone he has not previously met, letting you know that this is the man to focus on. Phoenix shows the audience the sensitivity and honesty of his character in a phenomenal yet tender performance that only he could deliver.

Scarlett Johansson’s character, the witty and comforting voice of Samantha, treads the line of what it means to be human and leaves the watcher in disbelief at how much emotion Johansson conveys with just her voice. The forever lovely Amy Adams gives another notable performance whilst although, I love his work and I laugh at anything the man says, Chris Pratt is almost mediocre in the way that if I watched the film without him in it, I would almost not notice the difference.

Another aspect I loved about this film is the cinematography, Jonze and Hoyte van Hoytema emphasise the tone of the film brilliantly with warm transitions and use of colour. Canadian Indie Rock band Arcade Fire created a wonderful score in a way that would make us feel what the characters were feeling, when they laughed, we were laughing and when they cried, we were crying. Personally I think in this age, a film like this is very important. The constant need for love and affection that we all suffer from is almost dangerous when its paired with our over-reliability of technology and this is something the film touches on very well. Spike Jonze is an all round master and should be awarded (and was with the 2014 Best Original Screenplay Oscar) for writing one exceptional screenplay. I loved this film, and I feel has cemented its place in Science Fiction and Romance film as one of the best. Definitely a must-watch masterpiece.

-Sam Halls


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